How can i improve the quality of the video stream? | DOGTV

How can i improve the quality of the video stream?

You should have a dedicated internet connection of minimum 1.5 Mbps; we recommend a connection of 2 Mbps or more to ensure good quality streaming. Please make sure that this is the speed of your internet connection. In order to verify this, check your internet speed at

While streaming video you shouldn't run any other programs on your network. Many programs require a large amount of bandwidth and this interferes with the download speed used for watching your channels on DogTV. Please avoid using programs that use high bandwidth; such programs include file download programs, file sharing, Peer2Peer, etc.  Even if another computer on the same (home) network is using such a program, it will interfere with the quality of our services.

If you are using a wireless connection, you should try connecting via LAN. The wireless signal can be weaker than the LAN, causing interference with the broadcast and lowering the picture quality.

If you are watching on your PC, you should choose the Quality setting applicable to your internet connection speed. If your internet speed is lower than 768 Kbps, you should use the low quality option. If it is higher, then use the high quality

If after checking the above and implementing our suggestions, you are still not satisfied with the stream quality, we will need to check your connectivity to our services. Please answer the points below and send the output to Once Customer Support receives the information from you, the issue will be investigated to check if you are connecting to our servers. As this is a process that may include escalation to our Networking Team, you can expect a reply from Customer Support within 72 hours.